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What is 7 Minute Security?
What is 7 Minute Security?

TLDR: it's a security consultancy and podcast!

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Here's a brief history of how 7 Minute Security came to be:

  • 2013: Brian Johnson took his first job in security after spending 15+ years as a network/system administrator. He quickly drank from the firehose of all things infosec - running pentests one day, writing policies the next, and (legally) breaking into buildings the day after that. He created the 7 Minute Security podcast as a way to audibly regurgitate all the cool things he was learning in 7-minute chunks.

  • 2017: After spending several years deep in the technical security weeds in a variety of security-focused roles, Brian decided to launch 7 Minute Security as a consultancy focused on risk assessments, penetration testing and training.

  • Today: 7 Minute Security helps companies across the country be more secure - with the goal of providing easy-to-understand, practical, actionable advice. 7 Minute Security specializes in risk assessments, penetration testing and security training.

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