1. Go to https://www.rapidfiretools.com/nd-downloads/#network-security-assessment

  2. Under Network/Security Data Collector, click Download:

  3. Once the file is downloaded, double-click the NetworkDetectiveDataCollector.exe to begin the install:

  4. At the WinZip Self-Extractor pop up, click Unzip:

  5. When the unzipping is finished, click OK to the pop-up box that appears:

  6. When the Network Detective Data Collector window appears, ensure Network Data Collector is selected and then click Next:

  7. At the Active Directory screen, provide credentials for a domain administrator account, as well as the IP of a domain controller and click Next:

  8. At the Local Domains screen, choose Gather information for ALL the domains selected and click Next:

  9. At the Additional Credentials screen, just click Next:

  10. At the External Domains screen, enter your company's domains, one at a time, clicking the Add button after each entry. When finished, untick the Perform Dark Web Scan for Compromised Passwords. Finally, click Next:

  11. At the IP Ranges screen, add your network's internal subnets to the list, one at a time, clicking the Add button after each entry. When done, click Next:

  12. At the SNMP Information screen, just click Next:

  13. At the VMware screen, just click Next:

  14. At the Verify and Run screen, click the "three dots" icon to choose a location to save the Network Detective collection to, and then click Start:

    The collection process will start and run for several minutes:

    Eventually, the collection will finish, and you can click Done:

  15. Securely upload the Network Detective results to 7 Minute Security using the provided ShareFile link. Do not email this file.

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