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How to I connect the Light Pentest sensor to my network?
How to I connect the Light Pentest sensor to my network?
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If you are engaged with 7 Minute Security on a vulnerability assessment and/or penetration test, we will ship you a Light Pentest sensor that looks like this:

To get the Light Pentest sensor connected and powered up, follow these steps:

  1. First, connect the Light Pentest sensor to the network:

  2. Next, connect power:

  3. Optional: if your project includes a wireless network assessment, your package will include a wireless USB network adapter, a USB cable, and two antennas:

    Connect the antennas to the USB network adapter:

    Then connect the USB A end of the cable to the NUC, and the other end to the wireless network adapter:

  4. At this point, check the front panel of the Light Pentest sensor. It should either have no lights shown on the front, or an amber colored light:

  5. Press the power button, and then the front panel should turn blue:

At this point, the Light Pentest sensor should boot up and grab 3 IP addresses via DHCP, and call home to 7 Minute Security headquarters so we can begin your assessment.

If 7MinSec reports that the sensor has not "phoned home," you may need to configure some network allow-lists. Please run the Splashtop connectivity check and make sure you get a result similar to this screenshot:

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